GoU-2: Norway!

26 Nov

After one year break project “Grounds of Understanding” continues.

First part of this project started in October, 2012 in Moldova. It had a great success and then in 2013 the second exchange took part in Norway in the end of September. Lucky participants were high school students from Moldova, Ukraine, United Kingdom and, of course Norway. Everything took place in Tonsberg. The aim of this youth exchange was discovering different European cultures, breaking stereotypes and discrimination between nations. The main sponsor of the project was European Commission program “Youth in Action”.

IMG_0620During amazing week children had an opportunity to communicate in English and learn more about countries-participants. We had a Country-presentation evening where we could discover the diversity of cultures. Every team prepared their national food. Students from UK cooked traditional English breakfast with bacon, eggs, bean sauce, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. Ukraine boiled dumplings with different filling – cherry and potato. Guys from Moldova treat us with their sweets and chocolate. Of course, during exchange everybody could taste typical Norwegian food. We sang and danced a lot on this party, watched funny video-clips from Eurovision.


Our program included studying and sharing experience too. Journalists from Ukraine Vlad and Mariia provided some workshops about correctly moviemaking and articles writing. With one of group-leaders Mohammed we created movies about heathy lifestyle. It was very fun, we walked around Tonsberg and took materials for movies. We also had a chance for sightseeing during a town-quest when we had to take pictures of local places of interest.

Every time we should work in intercultural groups, so that’s why many tasks were connected with team-building and other interesting activities. Together we prepared small drama shows about our everyday life at home or talents presentation on the evening Talent Show.DSC_0345


This project was really exiting for everyone, who took part in it. We expected to find new friends, to feel a part of the European society, to discover Norwegian culture, to taste traditional cuisine, to play some Norwegian games and, of course, to improve our English! And the best thing, that everything came true! We brought completely new experience the youth exchange “Grounds of Understanding-2″.


P.S. We will be glad to see Arthur from Moldova on the next project.

P.P.S. We also wish good luck to Mohammed in Russia :)

Text: Mariia Bielinska and Vlad Vorona

“Film for Inclusion” in Germany

22 Aug

From 26 July to 4 August we were able to take part in training – “Film for Inclusion”, which organized an international organization “People to People International” with the support of the European Commission’s “Youth in Action”. The event was located in the YouthCenter near Berlin. Our group represented by Vladislav Vorona (student 11 students) and Maria Kutsina (10th grade student) and science teacher and history – Haievyi  Oleksii.

Our team

The participants were representatives of 10 countries – Germany, Spain, Romania, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine. Basis was young people aged 14 to 18 years. The first day we had a quest in capital of Germany, we learned more about history of the city and its main architectural value. Three days following the organizers conducted training on the topic of discrimination, tolerance and other important things  for modern people. Traditionally on the evening we had national parties, barbecue party, sports.

After several days of training we got coaches with filmmaking (art of the movie) Misha Bours and Michael Ballaschk who taught us the basics of shooting movies. Our main goal was to create two social videos that would help attract young people from remote areas, with parent families with weak social position to an active life. As a result, two groups were created for the movie. Vlad was elected chief operator of one of the groups, as Masha was responsible for the design space and scenery. Alexey was elected director of a movie. The Next two days were for shooting. As a result, we have prepared materials for two pictures.


For 8 days we had to meet, befriend and become family. I did not want to say goodbye but there is still a lot of projects and opportunities to meet. We will have presentations of our films in every country-participant to February 2014. Special thanks to Verena Denk and Lars Poignant for all of us gathered for this important, interesting and educational affair.

20 Dec

November, 20th is Universal Children Day, set in 1989 by UN to celebrate the anniversary of Convention on the Right of the Child adoption. This document aimed to enlighten all the most important children rights was signed by 193 countries of the world. This year school “Parostok” in Poltava hosted a Round Table for regional Euroclubs. During the event all participants presented their research works in field of children rights protection. They were also offered to fill in a survey where they could reflect the place of children rights in their every-day life.


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European Cooperation in Moldova: A Week of Understanding

14 Oct

I will miss you!” or “It was the best week in my life!” – those kind of words you could hear after our youth exchange “Ground of Understanding” inMoldova. Participants of this program were pupils from Ukraine, Moldova and Norway in the age from 15-18.

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First Secretary of Embassy of Sweden visited Euroclub of Poltava school “Parostok”

13 Apr

April, 12, school “Parostok” welcomed representatives of Embassy of Sweden. First Secretary on Political Affairs Mr. Mårten Ehnberg and Culture/Press/Information Officer Tatiana Nekrasova got acquainted with results of fruitful cooperation of school “Parostok” and Swedish educational and non-governmental organizations. Also, guests took part in school Euroclub meeting.

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Hello World!

07 Mar

This is test post. We just really glad that you visited our site.

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